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When you first heard of product management, you imagined a career where you could make critical business decisions while building cool things. Somewhere along the way you learned that you’d have to become a master of communication who could manage roadmaps and priorities, keep connected to the customer and respond to an ever increasing log of feature requests, ALL while shielding your team from the whims of upper management and unreasonable stakeholder demands.

About the writer

After many years in the trenches running my own product as well as directing product at a startup, I learned that balancing all of these competing situations will never go away. However, I did learn that you can still be a great product manager without losing your sanity or your balance (at least 95% of the time).

I got into product management because I want to build amazing products that help a lot of people alongside a kickass team of people. I really think it is one of the best jobs in the world for people who are creative, analytical, and resourceful.

My dream for this blog is for more people to feel confident in their product management skills after reading it. If more people become product managers because of it, that’s amazing. And even if more people took on more of a product mindset because of a couple of articles they read, that’s a huge win.

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Having a “product mindset” is invaluable in any role. Here’s a few articles that can help you get started down that path.

Do I need a certification to be a product manager?

Aspiring product manager? Here are 5 things to know before you take your first product role.

How to say ‘no’ when a customer requests a feature you know you’re not going to build

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~ Corinn