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3 Ways to Use Notion as a Product Manager

I’m a huge fan of Notion. It is a great tool for text-related tasks and is supremely helpful in organizing product related thoughts, documents, and data.

If you feel like Evernote has become too cumbersome, Bear is a little too simple, Trello doesn’t offer a whole lot of formats, and all-in-one product management tools are overkill, then Notion may be worth checking out for you.

There are a few use cases that align perfectly with product management we’ll cover in this article. In particular, we’ll cover roadmaps, strategy docs, and internal documentation and how to create them in Notion.


Roadmaps are a core tool of any product manager. Whether you choose to keep your roadmap private, share it with the world, or even leave it out there and open for comments from Internet strangers, Notion will let you do so.

The process is super straightforward. Just add your upcoming/working on/done to-dos to your board. Then, share it via the “share” settings. You can also choose to allow it to be indexed by search engines or allow it to be duplicated as a template.

There are a few templates out there to check out. Here’s a super straightforward one we created for ourselves.

Here’s another one straight from


Here’s a sample roadmap from Kanban Mail.

And here’s how to copy it to your own Notion account.

Notion is a great tool for product roadmaps. We kinda wish it had the ability to post documents with pretty URLs, but perhaps that’s a feature request for the Notion product team. 😉

Product Strategy Documents

Product strategy documents fit nicely within the confines of Notion and are easy to organize using notion’s drag and drop organization features. Some of these documents may include:

Internal Documentation

Not quite ready to adopt Confluence as your internal documentation tool? Well, first of all, we don’t blame you, and second of all, Notion is a great alternative to some of the more full-featured team documentation software applications out there.

Notion has an article on how to get your team wiki set up. Check it out here!

Have interesting ways you’re using notion? Let me know in the comments.

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