Applying to a Product Management Position?

Applying to a Product Management Position? Here are 3 LinkedIn Actions to Take Before Hitting Submit

Product Management positions are super competitive. And due to the fewer junior roles out there, Associate Product Manager positions are even more so.

To be a successful candidate, you’re going to want to find every possible advantage you can before you send off your application. Luckily, there’s a tool out there that pretty much everyone in the product management space is already on — LinkedIn!

Here are three things to do on LinkedIn to see if there are any opportunities you can exploit for your next product management position application.

locked gates
Unlock the gates to your next product management role with LinkedIn.
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1.) Figure out if you have an “in”

Referrals are often the easiest “in” to a new role. Is there anyone you’re connected to that works there that may be able to submit your resume as a referral?

If you do have a connection at the company, reach out to them letting them know that you’re interested in the position and would love to know if you can take them out for lunch or a coffee to get to know more about their company. Don’t be shy! This is what LinkedIn was built for!

If your list of LinkedIn contacts could use some bolstering, Slack communities like Product School and Product Manager HQ are good places to find LinkedIn profiles of other product managers. You may be able to find someone there working at your dream company.

2.) Research the hiring manager

Product managers do a lot of research for their roles. Doing research on the role is no different.

So go ahead and find who you think may be the hiring manager for the role. Click around and see who you can find. If you feel creepy doing this, don’t! Your hiring manager will expect that you are checking them out, so don’t feel wierd looking at their profile.

Once you find the hiring manager, check out what their background is and if there is anything they’re particularly interested in that you could mention in your application.

3.) Check out tangential roles you may be a good fit for

Let’s say that your desired role gets snapped up before you can even schedule your first phone screen. If you’re really intent on eventually having that job, then starting at the company in a different role may be a good way to get your foot in the door.

Check to see if they have any other open jobs posted on LinkedIn. Bonus points if they’re close to the product team – such as positions in development, product marketing, or customer success.

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